Ward is the smallest unit of local government. Wards can be considered as a place where directly elected people's representatives can interact directly with the people. The task of the ward is to coordinate the various facilities provided by the government and the other services that the people receive from the government.

There are a total of 103 wards in 12 local levels of Sindhupalchok. Here is a brief introduction about the wards we have information about. We will update you about the introductions of the rest of the wards later.

S.N. Local Level No. of Wards
1 Chautara Sangachok Gadhi 14
2 Melamchi  13
3 Barhabise  9
4 Lisankhu Pakhar Rural Municipality 7
5 Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality 5
6 Sunkoshi Rural Municipality 7
7 Jugal Rural Municipality 7
8 Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality 8
9 Indrawati Rural Municipality 12
10 Helambu Rural Municipality 7
11 Balephi Rural Municipality 8
12 Tripurasundari Rural Municipality 6