Ward No. 1, Helambu

Sindhupalchowk, Helambu Rural Municipality Ward No. 1 is composed of Ward 1-9 of the former Helambu VDC. The total area of ​​this ward is 67.83 square kilometers. According to the census of the year 2068, the total number was 2,564 (female, 1,306, male, 1,258) and the number of households was 656. Most of the Hyolmo, Tamang, Chhetri, and Bahman castes live in this ward. Similarly, most of the people here speak the Hyolmo language and many believe in Buddhism. Festivals like Sonam Lhosar, Chiju, Nhara, Fadung Khola Mela are celebrated in this ward.

Agriculture and animal husbandry are the main occupations of people in this area. Paddy, millet, corn, cardamom, potato, radish, and fruits such as kiwi and apple are produced here, while cattle, goats, bulls, goats, sheep, and husbandry are also the main occupations of the people here. Apart from this, business, job, and foreign employment are also professions adopted by the people of this ward. In recent times, the attraction of the people here is in commercial agriculture and animal husbandry.

There are many stories about how the name Helambu came about. According to some of them, 'he' and 'lavhu' are understood to be Helambu, which means, 'he' means potato and 'lavhu' means radish. It means that the name of this place has been corrupted from ‘He’ and ‘Lavhu’ and became Helambu because a lot of potatoes and radishes are produced.

Total Population 2564
Total Area 67.83
Contact 9860709131

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Helambu Rural Municipality