We are delighted to welcome you to Namaste Sindhupalchowk. We have launched Namaste Sindhupalchowk.Com with the aim of bringing together various aspects of Sindhupalchowk district (such as educational institutions, health institutions, community, local level, national personalities, places, business, government office etc.) in one platform. Apart from this, our aim is to write blogs about places all over the country keeping Sindhupalchowk as the centre.

This is probably the first and most organized website (except the News portal) opened to cover all aspects of the Sindhupalchowk district. You can also provide information about your village, educational institutions, and potential tourist spots on this website. You can also provide various information about your business through this site.

Since Namaste Sindhupalchowk was created with the aim of giving space to the independent and original writings, poems, stories, experiences and analyzes of all people, you can send us your articles as a guest writer.

Our background

In the past, we have been writing blog posts all over Nepal focusing on the Sindhupalchok district. Even before 2018, AD namastesindhupalchok.com existed. Apart from that, Sindhupalchok blogspot.com was also operated by us. But due to some technical problems, we could not continue it. And closed.
A few years after our old websites were closed, we thought of developing a new platform based on the community format. And again, we plan to develop NamasteSindhupalchok.com in a new way than in the past. According to that plan, we are in this place today.

We are a group of young people who are learning and coming up with new concepts. We represent from Sindhupalchok district. We are students of technical field. Similarly, Namaste Sindhupalchok is our own organic product. Our IT company is also registered in the company registrar's office. Namaste Sindhupalchok is operated under that company.

Our Goal

Keeping Sindhupalchok district as the center, the main objective of Namaste Sindhupalchok is to promote all other districts and places of Nepal. We are currently working according to that objective.