Sukute Beach is especially famous for recreational activities like beach volleyball, rafting, swimming, beach football, campfire, BBQ etc. It lies in Sindhupalchok district, at a distance of about 70 km from Kathmandu towards the northeast. Sukute can be reached from Kathmandu via Sanga, Dhulikhel, Panchkhal, Dolalghat, Bandeau under the Araniko highway. While travelling through this route, the idol of Lord Shiva of Sanga, Dhulikhel Zipline, and Dolalghat, are the main attractions. You can reach here after about 2-3 hours of vehicle travel on the black-paved road.

Sukute Beach is located on the banks of the Sunkoshi River. Every tourist is attracted to Sukute due to its clean and peaceful environment, excellent hospitality of hotels, and recreational tourism activities. Sukute can be considered the best destination for relaxing and having fun around the valley. Every year thousands of local and foreign tourists visit Sukute as it is the most popular place for recreational tourism activities around Kathmandu. This is an alternative to Trishuli river rafting. Sukute is a tourist destination for business meetings, seminars, educational tours, and family gatherings.

With the increase in the number of tourists, hotels and resorts continue to open in Sukute. Many resorts are ready to welcome tourists here. Every resort makes different packages and brings tourists. According to that, the package prices are also different.

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Sukute Beach Resort Packages & Cost

All the resorts in the Sukute Beach have brought tourists to their resorts through various packages. Especially the hotels and resorts here take tourists through 1-night two-day packages. Generally, all the resorts here offer similar packages and the cost is almost the same. But the cost of some resorts varies according to the additional service facilities provided by the resort, and the service facilities in the room. Normally, the package cost starts from Rs. 2500. The following price may differ in various resorts.

Package & Cost in Sukute Beach (Normal)

  • Day Picnic Package: Rs. 1500 per person
  • Camping and overnight: Rs. 2500 per person
  • Camping and Rafting: Rs. 4000 per person
  • Overnight Package in Room (non-attached): Rs. 3000 per person
  • Overnight Package in Room (attached): Rs. 3500 per person
  • Day Rafting only: Rs. 1500

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Hotels & Resorts in Sukute Beach

If you are going to Sukute Beach and looking for resorts with good service facilities, here is a piece of brief information about some hotels and resorts in Sukute Beach.

1. Sukute Beach Resort

Among the many resorts in Sukute Beach, one of the best resorts is Sukute Beach Resort. This resort offers luxury service facilities according to the wishes of the tourists. This resort covers an area of ​​about 50 ropani (Appx). The resort has three separate private swimming pools. One of the oldest resorts in this area is Sukute Beach Resort.

Sukute Beach Resort

Sukute Beach Resort is a great place to spend memorable time with friends and family. The main objective of this resort is to entertain tourists through indoor and outdoor activities. Also, this resort is excellent for the international-level camping experience. Similarly, activities such as beach volleyball are being conducted by this resort.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute, Sindhupalchowk (Under Araniko Highway)
  • Phone: 9843160988/9841229388/9851198340

2. Maya Beach Resort

Maya Beach Resort is another excellent hotel and lodge provider in the Sukute area. The main objective of this resort is to entertain the guests with good hospitality and unforgettable recreational activities. It is spread over an area of ​​about 113 ropani. Meditation, yoga, and indoor and outdoor activities can be done in this resort in a clean environment full of natural beauty. Also, the main attraction here is that you can see different species of birds as it is located on the edge of the forest.

Maya Beach Resort, Sukute

Through various types of packages, Maya Beach has been successfully making domestic and foreign tourists visit Sukute. After about 10-15 minutes of hiking from Araniko highway, you can reach here. In that order, you have to cross the Sunkoshi River. Where there is a suspension bridge.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 9869069559
  • Email:

3. Sukute Holidays Beach Resort

Sukute Holiday Beach Resort is an eco-adventure resort located in Sukute. This resort has also been providing good service and hospitality to the tourists coming to Sukute since its inception.

Sukute Holiday Beach Resort Night View

Sukute Holidays Beach offers discerning travelers a comfortable atmosphere and hassle-free accommodation. The confluence of the Bhotekoshi River, beautiful bird song and tranquil surroundings add to the resort's charm. The first months of the spring and fall seasons are the best times to explore this place. But Sukute Holidays offers a family atmosphere with private time. A well-maintained swimming pool, bar area, campfire, dancing and music are the main activities at this resort. A wonderful place with a natural and lively atmosphere in the Dolalghat village settlement. With the traveler's perspective in mind, we offer a variety of packages including: B. One day rafting, 2 days 1 night rafting, 1 night only, honeymoon, family rafting, etc.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: +977-1-4701487/ 985-1316057
  • Email:
  • Website:

4. River Bay Rafting & Resort

River Bay Rafting and Resort is also one of the best resorts in Sukute. Spread over a large area, excellent hospitality, quality service, and various tourist attractions are in operation, so River Bay Resort is the choice of tourists. Like all resorts, it is also offering rafting packages to tourists. BBQ, live DJ music, a swimming pool, and rooms of different levels are the main attractions here.

River Bay Rafting & Resort, Sukute

River Bay Resort is a partner in making the time of tourists a lifetime experience and unforgettable. If you are a rafting lover, then River Bay Resort is responsible for providing your assistance with white water rafting in Bhotekoshi.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 011-400036 / 011- 400037
  • Email:

5. Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort is one of the biggest resorts in Sukute. As this resort is located on the banks of the river, the atmosphere of the resort is attractive to tourists. A clean and quiet environment, large area, very attractive hospitality, luxurious service facilities, and entertaining activities are its attractions. The resort conducts various indoor and outdoor activities to relieve the fatigue of every tourist and bring new enthusiasm.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort offers overnight accommodation to tourists through three types of accommodation packages. It has facilities ranging from well-equipped rooms to tents. It has been attracting the attention of tourists with other types of attractive services and facilities.

Contact Address

  • Location: Sukute, Sindhupalchowk
  • Phone: +977 11-400065
  • Email:

6. Sandy Beach Resort

Sandy Beach Resort is one of the best resorts to spend the night in Sukute with friends and family. Rafting, indoor and outdoor activities, a peaceful environment, friendly staff, and various recreational activities are its attractions. Spread over a large area, this resort has a swimming pool, BBQ, and camping facilities.

Sandy Beach Resort

Sunday Beach has also been providing food and lodging facilities to tourists through various packages. Tourists have to pay different prices according to the package.

The Sandy Beach Resort offers DJ Music, Bar services, Rafting, Swimming Pool, etc. activities. If you are looking best hospitality partner in Sukute, Sandy may be the best for you.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 01-1400080/984-7369390
  • Email:

7. Sunkoshi Beach Resort & Organic Firm

Sunkoshi Beach Resort is another excellent resort in Sukute. It is special for entertaining and spending valuable time with your family or friends. Since it is spread over a large area, the resort has the capacity to welcome many tourists. All kinds of service facilities are available in this resort as compared to other resorts. Food according to the taste of tourists and luxurious rooms, tent accommodations, and recreational activities are the attractions of this resort. Besides, swimming pools, attractive businesses, and organic farms are other important sources of attracting tourists.

Sunkoshi Beach Resort

Since 2012, Sunkoshi Beach Camp is Nepal's first model river restoration project in partnership with schools for the protection of rivers and the livelihoods of riverside communities, especially the Majhi people, a fishermen's tribe. It is also a learning centre for river environment, and outdoor and tourism education.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 988-0228714/ 011-400023
  • Email:

8. Sukute River Fun Beach Resort

Sukute River Fun Beach Resort is a resort that has become the choice of tourists recently. The attraction of tourists has increased in the resort due to its wonderful calm environment, large area, swimming pool, pool, camping, rafting, and various seminars. Service facilities according to the package, recreational activities, and good hospitality are the speciality of the resort.

Sukute River Fun Beach Resort

Sukute River Fun Beach Resort is best place for creating lifetime experience in Sukute beach. You can test delicious, organic, healthy food, best recreational activities, music with DJ, swimming pool, etc in this resort.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 9843929904/9860905058/9843744664

9. Sukute Valley Resort

 Sukute Valley Resort is an excellent hotel and lodge service provider in Sindhupalchok Sukute offering excellent hospitality, quality service, and various recreational activities such as rafting, beach games, and live music. Also, during various festivals, the resort provides entertainment to the guests by organizing special events. This resort also provides various packages targeting tourists.

Sukute Valley Resort

Sukute Valley Resort, is the right place to be with Classic Ambience traditionally surrounded & naturally decorated.

Recently, Sukute is developing as a tourist hub. Accordingly, the number of hotels and resorts is increasing here. The resorts mentioned above are only some of the resorts here. Apart from this, there are many resorts in Sukute. Which will help us to make our visit to Sukute unforgettable.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: 014791189/9843737710/9843737711/9843737708
  • Email:

10. White Leaf Resort

White Leaf Resort is another best hospitality partners around Sukute Beach. It is a newly open resort aiming to provide quality hotel and recreational services. This resort has been a success in making memorable times for its guests. Similarly, It offers Organic, healthy, delicious, local food. And, Resort has various cultural programs to promote local culture in different periods of time.

White Leaf Resort

The physical structure of this resort is very modern and equipped. This resort is located along the Araniko Highway and is near the Sukute Bridge. Attractive views can be seen from this resort. Sunkoshi River, Sukute Bridge, Araniko Highway, local farms, outdoor environment full of natural beauty, mountains, etc. are nearby attractions. Also, respect rituals, good care of guests, entertaining programs etc. are the inner attractions of this resort.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute (Under Araniko highway)
  • Phone: 980-1217672
  • Email:

11. Sukute Adventure Resort

Sukute Adventure Resort is the best hotel & resort on Sukte Beach, Chehere, Sindhupalchok. We provide our guests with the best and highest quality hospitality services. Join this resort with your friends and family for a wonderful celebration and make every moment unforgettable. We offer different kinds of packages and deals for refreshments.

Sukute Adventure Resort

The resort is located on the banks of the Sunkosi River in a very attractive natural setting. This resort covers a large area. The dining area within the resort is also very attractive. You can enjoy various games indoors and outdoors. Live music, organic food, swimming, hospitality and peaceful surroundings are the main features of Sukte Adventure Resort.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute
  • Phone: +977 9862960171/+977 9844340820/+977 9823182020/+977 9803209595

12. The Last Resort

One of the names that have contributed significantly to the development of adventure activities in the Sindhupalchowk district is The Last Resort. The resort is located northeast of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The Last Resort is located on Listicott, a new bridge under the Aranico Highway. Our contact office is located in Thamel, Kathmandu.
This resort was the first in Nepal to offer bungee jumping in the Sindhupalchowk district. Established through joint investment by domestic and foreign investors.

The Last Resort

The Last Resort offers the best adventure activities like Bungee, Rafting, Canyon Swing, Tandem Swing, Hiking etc. Similarly, this resort provides delicious food with organic taste, good hospitality, and a standard room for guests. Really, The Last Resort is the most visited place in Nepal. With the full of natural peaceful environment, this place has the most powerful energy that gives you relaxation, and every guest feels meditation.

Contact Details

  • Location: Nayapul, Bhotekoshi ( Under Araniko highway)
  • Phone: 9801830997 / 9801830998
  • Email:

13. Bhotekoshi Heli Resort & Spa

Bhotekoshi Heli Resort & Spa Pvt. Ltd is located at Naya Pul, Under Araniko highway, Marming in Sindhupalchok District, northeast of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This 4-star hotel is located near Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump and Araniko Highway (way to the Nepal-China border). It is one of the most luxurious and adventurous resorts in Nepal.

The distance between Kathmandu and Bhotekoshi Heli Resort & Spa Pvt. Ltd is about 100 km. You can reach this resort by both private and public vehicles. It is one of the best hillside resorts in Nepal.

Bhotekoshi Heli Resort & Spa

The atmosphere of this resort is full of natural beauty, beautiful and peaceful. The swimming pool arrangement inside the resort, all kinds of delicious and tasty food, very good hospitality, elevator arrangement, excellent rooms, etc. are the features of this resort.
It can be an excellent destination for everyone to relieve stress and fatigue. Along with this, adventure tourism activities are the main attraction here.

Contact Details

  • Location: Nayapol, Bhotekoshi (Under Araniko Highway)
  • Phone: +977 1 5900770/ 1 5900750

14. Bahrabise Village Resort

Barhabise Village Resort is the premier hotel and lodge provider in Barhabise, Sindhupalchowk. It is located in the city of Barhabise, next to the Botekosi/Balefi River. It offers a variety of food, drinks and local tests, and also offers luxury tents and accommodations. It's the perfect resort to enjoy with family and friends. There is a large open space available for birthday parties, wedding celebrations, seminars, meetings and events. This resort also has a pool.

Barhabise Village Resort

Barhabise Village Resort is ideal for those who want to spend time in a quiet environment away from noise, crowds and pollution.

Contact Details

  • Location: Bahrabise, Sindhupalchowk
  • Phone: 011-590030

15. Borderland Eco-Adventure Resort

Borderlands Eco Adventure Resort is the ultimate hospitality partner for all our guests. It is on the way to Tatopani under the Araniko, Gati and Sindhupalchok highways. The resort is located in the north-south direction of Kathmandu. The resort is just 16 km from the Tatopani border.

Borderland Eco-Adventure Resort

It operates in a magical and natural setting on the banks of the Botekosi River, which has a very good physical structure. This resort is located near Bahrabise Bazaar. Borderlands Resort is one of the best resorts in Barhabise.

Borderlands Resort's main goal is to promote eco-adventure tourism. This resort creates various packages and takes tourists on tours.

Contact Details

  • Location: Bahrabise, Sindhupalchowk
  • Phone: +977-1-4981214 / +9771-4700866
  • Email:
  • Website:

16. Rafting Star Resort, Sukute

Rafting Star Resort is one of the best hotels & resorts in Sukute, Sindhupalchok. This resort offers a familiar and fresh natural environment to its guests. And, it also offers lodging services, recreational activities, delicious food, Unique Hospitality, and rafting in the Bhotekoshi rivers. The resort organizes both custom-made & package-based Kayak clinics considering your skill and experience. Adventure activities like Rafting, Canoning, Kayaking etc. are organised by the resort.

A natural garden with colourful flowers, accompanied by bird songs, a Natural Swimming Pool (Running water), Volleyball, Badminton, Pool Table, Table Tennis, a Safe and large Parking Area, Fully stuffed PADDLER'S BAR, Yoga and Meditation classes etc are the special features of this resort. If you want to organize the party, events and programs, the resort provides space for you.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute, Sindhupalchowk
  • Contact Office: Thamel, KTM
  • Contact Number: 9741171702/9813445489/9863769800
  • Email:

17. Sindhu Beach Resort

Sindhu Beach Resort is the newly open beach resort in Sukute, Sindhupalchowk. It opens for business in Sukute to give visitors the greatest possible hotel amenities. It's situated by the Sunkoshi River. Because of its proximity to the jungle, it offers a nice and refreshing ambience with a cooler temperature during the summer.

This resort aims to provide the best amenities compared to others. The region and physical structure are appropriate. It is easy to enjoy both outdoor and interior activities. This resort makes everyone feel lovely and amazing. Travelers planning to visit Sukute and stay at this resort have a choice of packages to choose from. Make a reservation in advance by getting in touch with the resort.

Contact Details

  • Location: Sukute, Araniko Highway, Sindhupalchowk
  • Phone No: 011-590188/ 9841905944/ 9801147048