The Last Resort is One name that has contributed significantly to the development of adventure activities in the Sindhupalchok district. This resort is located in the northeast direction of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The Last Resort is located in Listikot, a new bridge under the Araniko Highway. Its contact office is located in Thamel, Kathmandu.
This resort conducted bungee jumping for the first time in Nepal in the Sindhupalchok district. It was established with the joint investment of domestic and foreign investors.

The Last Resort in Nepal is set in the midst of sprawling terraced slants, suspended on a high cliff-top gorge over the wild Bhote Koshi River and encompassed by thick wilderness and perfect woodland. Interestingly made in nearby stone, wood, and slate, the resort has an hint feasting lobby with centuries-old wood-carving where delightful home-style food is served.

Whether you're seeking out for experience or relaxation, The Last Resort is the place to remain.

Story of Last Resort

David Allardice and Bishnu Neopanae, founders of The Last Resort, began their commitment to the area by building a bridge. This suspension bridge helped develop the range around the resort by giving the villagers a simple get to the most streets.

We contract most of the resort staff locally and deliver the vital preparation to them. All of our staff individuals have well-being and mischance protections, a provident finance investment funds account, benefit charge, inflation compensation and share within the benefit.

We attempt to function with restricted affect on the environment and work on raising mindfulness. We purchase, as much as conceivable, supplies and administrations locally.

Thing to do in The Last Resort


  • Peaceful, charming and wonderful surroundings
  • Surrounded by Dense & Pristine forest
  • Artistic composition
  • Intimate dining hall 
  • Luxurious room
  • Delicious Food

Contact Address

Location: Nayapul Listikot, Araniko Highway, Panglang

Phone: 9801830997 / 9801830998