Sukute Beach is a famous tourist destination in the northeast of the capital Kathmandu, Nepal. It is located on the banks of the Sindhupalchok Sunkoshi River, about 70 km from Kathmandu. Sukute is famous among local and foreign tourists, especially for recreational, indoor and outdoor activities. Similarly, This place is famous for adventure activities like rafting, bungee, kayaking, and rock climbing. Lately, tourists have come to Sukute briefly to enjoy the wonderful experience of a lifetime and relieve stress. And, People come here with their families to celebrate gathering events. Office staffs come to Sukute for formal events and seminars. Many tourists are here to celebrate holidays, weekends and celebrate festivals etc.

You can reach Sukute approx. 2/3 hours after travelling by bus from the capital Kathmandu via Araniko highway. And, You can reach Sukute through your private vehicle and public transport. Due to the Sukute Beach, resorts with facilities have been established around the road leading to Tatopani through the Araniko Highway. You can enjoy the Beach experience by staying at any hotel and resort in this area. Adventure activities such as rafting, bungee, etc. are in operation under this route.

Beautiful Beach, recreational activities, organic food, generous hospitality, beautiful natural calm environment, beautiful hills view, clean river etc. are the attractions of the Sukute. Especially in the summer months, tourists come to Sukute to enjoy the coolness while white rafting on the Bhotekoshi river, to get rid of the laziness caused by the heat in the human body, and to get new enthusiasm and vigour. Indeed, Sukute is one of the best places to visit in the summer months of Nepal. Sukute is an excellent destination to visit while travelling to Bahrabise, Tatopani, Dolakha, and Kalinchok via the Araniko Highway.

Things to do in Sukute Beach

Many tourists go to the Sukute beach to enjoy recreational activities, indoor & out activities, adventure games etc. Similarly, the tourist are spending their time camping, rafting, bungee, canyoning, beach games etc. in Sukute. What types of activities or things can be done in Sukute Beach?

Rafting is the main activity that all tourists do after arriving in Sukute. It is located on the banks of the Sunkoshi River. And, Tourists go for Bhotekoshi rafting. Obsely, the Bhotekoshi is famous for white water rafting. You can test various types of rafting grade experience. Everyone can enjoy an unforgettable rafting experience.

Sukute is a top destination for water lovers. And, Another tourist activity for him is canyoning. Jumping and walking through fast-moving water is an adventurous activity. On the other hand, This place is a very close destination to Kathmandu where you can play with water in a spooky way.

Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball is a game that you can play in Sukute. You can take more enjoyment in Sukute by playing volleyball on the river bank. Playing a game like this with family and friends is a unique experience.

Resorts in Sukte organize camping for tourists. Rooms with luxury tents can be found here. Camping by the river alone or with friends and family is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Sukute is a great place for adventure rafting and short-day camping.


If you want to do Bungee, we should travel some KM distance from Sukute. Bhotekoshi Bungee is operated by The Last Resort in Nayapul. This bungee is the god gifted naturally. The height of the Bhotekoshi bungee is 160 meters.


Most of the resorts operating in Sukute have arranged swimming pools. Every tourist can enjoy an unlimited swimming experience.

Sky Cycling

Sky cycling is one of the best activities that can do in Sukute beach. The Thrill Valley has operated Sky Cycling activity in Sukute.

Best Season to go to Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach is ready to welcome tourists in any season. However, the time when the number of tourists increases in Sukute is the summer months. In winter, the cold climate of the river is unfavourable for tourists. But this cold and cool climate remains favourable for tourists in the summer months. Also, it is a good time to go to Sukute, especially during festivals. Finally, the best season to go to Sukute is summer. This place is the best summer destination near Kathmandu.

Sukute Beach Resorts Package & Cost for 2024

All resorts in Sukute Beach have brought tourists to their resorts through various packages. In particular, hotels and resorts here lure travellers with 2-day and 1-night packages. In general, all resorts here offer similar packages and costs about the same. However, rates at some resorts vary depending on the resort's additional services and in-room services. Package costs usually start from Rs. 2500. The following fees may vary by resort.

Sukute Beach Packages and Prices (Regular)

  • Day Picnic Package: Rs. 1500 per person
  • Camping and accommodation: Rs. 2500 per person
  • Camping and Rafting: Rs. 4000 rupees per person
  • In-room accommodation packages (not affiliated): Rs. 3000 per person
  • In-room accommodation package (attached): Rs. 3500 per person
  • Day rafting only: Rs.1500

List of Best Resorts in Sukute Beach

If you are travelling to Sukute Beach and looking for a resort with good service facilities, here is brief information about some hotels and resorts in Sukute Beach.