Bhotekoshi White Water Rafting & Beach Resort is one of the best resorts among the many resorts in Sukute Beach, Sindhupalchowk. It is big and large in terms of area. This resort offers various types of packages to tourists with the best accommodations, food, unique hospitality, familiar environment and recreational activities.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort is located on the bank of the Sunkoshi river of Sukute beside the Araniko Highway. It has about 70 km distance from Kathmandu. You can reach here via travelling vehicles like bikes, Cars, and Buses within an hour.

If Sukute Beach is your next destination, May be Bhotekoshi Beach Resort is the best hospitality partner for you.

An attractive peaceful natural environment, sufficient space, a swimming pool, recreational beach sports, adventure activities, comfort room, accessibility etc. are the major attractions of Bhotekoshi Beach Resorts. Similarly, The resorts also provide transportation facilities. And, Cafe, Bar, Disco Music, and CAMPFIRE are others features of this resort.

Services/ Attractions

  • Day Picnic
  • Overnight Stay
  • Accommodation with luxurious rooms
  • Hygienic, Organic & Healthy Food items
  • Swimming Pool
  • Beach Sports
  • Rafting
  • Others Recreational Activities
  • Campfire
  • Transportation
  • Parking Facilities
  • Snooker
  • Live Music
  • Festival celebration by organising a special program
  • Conference hall
  • 24-hour Hot & Cold water
  • Internet services
Bhotekoshi Beach Resort, Sukute, Sindhupalchowk


  • Araniko Highway
  • Sunkoshi River
  • Organic Bamboo Cottage & Rest House
  • Green House Lodge
  • Sukute River Fun Beach Resort
  • Shree Sukute Secondary School

Contact Address

Location: Sukute, Sindhupalchowk, Araniko Highway

Phone: +977 11-400065


Map Code: PQ36+M5 Kadambas