Sindhupalchok is the closest to Kathmandu in terms of distance. This district was located in the former Bagmati region of the Madhyamanchal Development Zone. The Sindhupalchok district behind the new structure is in Bagmati province. It is also the largest district of Bagmati province. This district is spread from the middle hills to the high mountains.

Sindhupalchok is renowned around the world for adventure sports such as rafting, canyoning and bungee jumping.

The earthquake of 2072, recognized Sindhupalchok as one of the earthquake-affected districts of Nepal. After the 2071 Jure landslide, Sindhupalchok was identified as a district prone to large landslides. Due to the Melamchi - Helambu flood a few years ago, the Sindhupalchok district came into the limelight nationally and internationally. Sindhupalchok is known only as a district that is affected by natural disasters every year.

Do you know Sindhupalchok district is a district with a lot of tourism potential?

Bhotekoshi, known to the world along with Nepal for adventure tourism, is located here. The mountains spread in its northern region (Jugal Mountain Ranges) have attracted thousands of climbers. The topography here has made Sindhupalchok rich in canals. More than a dozen hydropower projects are operated in Sindhupalchowk from the river. Cities with ancient history (Chautara, Tauthali, Bahrabise, and Helambu) and famous religious places (Palchok Mai, Gaurati, Panchpokhari, and Tripurasundari mai) have made Sindhupalchok more special.

Sindhupalchowk is very famous for adventure sports, religious places, trade, local products, hydropower projects, rafting in Bhote Koshi, bungee jumping, trekking climbing, and more.

Adventure Tourism - Rafting, Bungee Jump, and Trekking

Sindhupalchok is one of the districts of Nepal which has been much talked about for adventure sports. Especially in Sindhupalchowk tourists engage in adventure activities like bungee jumping, rafting, trekking, and climbing. The bungee and rafting activities on the Bhotekoshi River which flow through this district have attracted the attention of local and foreign tourists. Panchpokhari and Bhairav ​​Kund trekking are famous trekking routes of Sindhupalchok. Dorje Lakpa, Lenpo Hyang, Madia, Phurvi Chachu, and Gyalzen Peak, located in the Jugal Snow Range, are very famous mountains for climbing in Nepal.

Rafting in Bhote Koshi

Religious Places

Sindhupalchok district also has famous religious places. Every year, thousands of devotees from outside the district come to visit various religious places in the Sindhupalchok district. Panchpokhari Mahadev, Gaurati Bhimshen, Tripurasundari Mai, Palchoki Mai, Latteshwar, and Balefi Shiva Temple are famous religious places in this district. It has helped domestic tourists in the hustle and bustle.

Trade with China through Tatopani

Panchpokhari 5 Holy Lakes

The Tatopani crossing, where trade activities are carried out from the Nepal-China border, is located at Bhotekoshi in the Sindhupalchok district. Due to this port, many economic activities are taking place in this area. Due to natural calamities and the inadequacy of physical infrastructure, Tatopani Canal has not been able to operate properly. If this border can be managed, it is certain that a good door will open in the foreign trade of the entire country. In terms of economic activity, Chautara, Bahrbise, Melamchi, Helambu, Chanaute, Chehere, Sukute, Mude etc. are the major commercial centers of Sindhupalchok.

Local Products

Different types of original products are produced in different places in Sindhupalchok. A well-known example of this is the potatoes of "Mude". Helambu produces a lot of Radish. A lot of local potatoes are also produced in the Panchpokhari region. In most places of Sindhupalchok millet is produced well. Apples are produced in Helambu. The melamchi-Helambu area is famous for trout fishing.

Hydropower Projects

In Sindhupalchowk, more than a dozen small and big hydropower are in operation. Madhya Bhotekoshi (102 MW) is the largest hydroelectric project in Sindhupalchok. Similarly, Balefi, Sunkoshi, Bramayni, Baramchi, Bhairav ​​Kund, Hadikhola, Chaku etc. are the hydropower projects of Sindhupalchok.