Duguna Gadhi is located in Yarmasingh village of Bhotekoshi rural municipality of Sindhupalchok district. It is an important and ancient heritage among the various forts across Nepal. Duguna is located near the border of Tibet, about 113 kilometres north of the capital Kathmandu. Due to the fact that it is a very beautiful place along with the archaeological heritage, the traffic of internal tourists has increased in Duguna recently.

The Duguna fort is higher than other parts. From here, you can see the Bhotekoshi River flowing along the highway of Araniko, the beautiful mountains of Tibet, the Khasa market of Tibet, and the beautiful villages and settlements around. An excellent tourist destination near Tatopani is Duguna Fort. And, one can see a vivid example of the architecture of our historical period in Duguna Gadhi. It can be seen that this fort was built with strategic ingenuity, including the ability to easily attack the enemy. The fort built by the ancestors to protect their country's borders and fight the enemy has kept history alive. Similarly, it is a place everyone should visit as it is a centre of natural beauty, original art & culture of Sherpa and the heritage of the nation.

Due to the earthquake of 2015, the Duguna Gadhi was completely damaged. It is being reconstructed, protected, enhanced and promoted in the joint efforts of Nepali Army, local government, archeology department etc. Listikot-Duguna trail race is organized annually to attract domestic and foreign tourists in this area.


In the year 1912 BS, the Duguna fort was built under the direction of the then Prime Minister Jang Bahadur Rana. Since the Nepal-Tibet war was going on at that time, it was built by “Gorakh Nath Gana”. At that time, Colonel Pahalman Singh Basnet was responsible for the construction of the fort. Similarly, the construction of the fort was supervised by General Bir Shamsher. (Based on received inscriptions)

During the Nepal-Tibet War, a Duguna Gadhi (Fort) was built to keep Nepali soldiers stationed. Weapons, food, and necessary items needed during the war were kept in the structure built here. In addition, the structure of this fort was made in such a way that in the event of war, cannons could be attacked or guns could be attacked.

In the inscription of Duguna Gadhi, it is written, "In the month of Mangsir 1912 BS (1855 to 1856 AD), Mr General Birshamsher Jang Kanwar granted permission to Duguna, while Lieutenant Colonel Pahalman Singh commanded to build 3 platoons outside the fort. 19 Hand inner ground east-west 111 hands inner ground north-south 16 east-west 62 wall towards door south outer door and total land area 577. From 1912 Paush 1 to Chaitra 3.” (Nepali to English translation)

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How to reach?

Duguna Gadhi, located about 113 km from Kathmandu, is an important fort in Nepal. So, we recommend everyone to go here. While travelling through the highway of Araniko, you can reach Duguna after about 1 hour of walking from a place called Larcha. The Bhairav ​​Kunda trekking route can also be arranged via Duguna Ghadi.

Best Season

The Duguna fort is located at a height from the highway of Araniko. The weather or climate of this region is influenced by the mountains. However, no special time is required to reach the Duguna Gadhi. You can visit here all twelve months. In winter, various areas around here are covered with snow.