Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality is one of the 9 rural municipalities of Sindhupalchok district. According to the notification published in the gazette by the Government of Nepal on 27th of 2073 Falgun, this rural municipality was formed by including former Ghorthali, Dhuskun, Piskar, Tekanpur, Tauthali, Chokti Village Development Committees. Currently, there are 6 ward offices in this municipality.

Occupying 0.064 per cent of the total area of ​​Nepal, this rural municipality is spread over an area of ​​94.28 square kilometres. This rural municipality is located 83.8 kilometres northeast of Kathmandu. The eastern border of this rural municipality is connected with Dolakha District and the western border with Balephi and Sunkoshi Rural Municipality. Likewise, the southern border is connected with Lisankhupakhar and Sunkoshi Rural Municipality and the northern border with Bahrbise Municipality. This rural municipality extends from 27.792 to 27.705 north latitude and 85.869 to 86.034 east longitude.

The highest part of this rural municipality is Tomage located in Ghorthali at 3703.66 meters while the lowest place is the Sunkoshi river bank, located in Dhuskun which is located at 664.76 meters.

There is a temple of Tripura Sundari Mai in Ward No-5, Tauthali of this rural municipality. The municipality is named after this famous religious place. It is believed to have been built about a thousand years ago in the Lichhavi period.


  • Ward No. 1 - Ghorthali
  • Ward No. 2 - Chokati
  • Ward No. 3 - Dhuskun
  • Ward No. 4 - Piskar
  • Ward No. 5 - Tauthali
  • Ward No. 6 - Tekanpur

Population and Number of voters in Local Election 2079

According to the survey base year 2075, there are 4233 households in the rural municipality. And, according to the national census of the year 2078, the total population of Tripurasundari rural municipality is 12014. Out of which 6148 (51.2%) are women and 5866 (48.8%) are men. According to this census, there are 3651 census house numbers.

For local elections - 2079, there is a total of 13,430 voters in this municipality. 6,998 are men and 6,432 are women. Here, 9 polling stations and 16 polling centres have been designated for this election.

  • 65.5% of the total population are people aged 15-59 years.
  • Nepali is the mother tongue of about 90% of the population here.
  • 97% of people believe in Hinduism.
  • 30% of the community is Newar.
  • About 30% of the population lives in Kathmandu and other cities.
  • Only 54% of people live here permanently.

Educational Institutions and Literacy Rate

There are 15 child development centres, 19 primary schools, 6 basic schools, and 6 secondary schools. All these are public schools. The educational institutions here have been playing an important role to develop the academic growth of this municipality, to produce different types of manpower.

According to 068, the total literacy rate of this municipality is 59.70 per cent.  66.28% were men and 53.89% were women.

According to the National Census 2021 AD, the literacy rate of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality is 74.1%. Among them, 82.9 % are male and 66.3% are female.

Health Institutions

There are community health centres in every ward of the village. From these health institutions, the people here take normal to moderate health care. The health institutions located here are Piskar Health Chowki, Tekanpur Health Chowki, Tauthali Health Chowki, Dhuskun Health Chowki, Chokti Health Chowki, Ghorthali Health Chowki, Ayurveda Dispensary Tauthli, etc.


  • 0.34 square kilometres (0.36%) of the total area of ​​the municipality is barren.
  • 1.66 square kilometres (1.76%) of Bhubhag Ghaderi, Tatbandh 0.14 square kilometres (0.15%) Charan area 3.04 square kilometres (3.22%), Nadinala 0.01 square kilometres (0. 01%), Bagar area occupies 0.53 square km (0.57%) of land.
  • About 15.17 square km (16.08%) of the total area of ​​the municipality is covered with shrubs and about 38.50 square km (40.83%) of the area is covered with forest.
  • Around 34.90 square km (37.01%) of Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality is cultivated.
  • 33% of the arable land is cultivated with corn.
  • Since 50% of the land has a slope of more than 30 degrees, there is a possibility of more soil erosion.
  • Some parts of the forest here are in the Gauri Shankar conservation area. There are 15 community forests here.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Nepal Investment Bank, Global IME Bank, Lahere Dhuskun Agricultural Cooperative Society, Hattemalo Savings and Credit Cooperative Society, Bhimeshwar Women's Savings Agricultural Group, Vigilance Women's Agricultural Group, Ganeshsthan Women's Development Agricultural Group, Tripura Sundari Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society, Prakriti Agricultural cooperatives, small farmers' cooperatives, Devi Darshan Credit and Cooperatives, Chokti Rural Agricultural Cooperatives and many other banks and financial institutions operate within this municipality.

Agriculture is the main source of income for Tripura Sundari rural municipality. But the highest income (about 32%) comes from wage labor. The highest expenditure is for the purchase of food. According to a statistic, based on average income, about 37% of households are below the poverty line, while based on annual savings, about 42% of households are below the poverty line.

Active Youth Clubs

Ghorthali Youth Club, Siddhikali Youth Club (Sunkoshi), Dorje Youth Club (Patle), Namuna Youth Club (Danda Village), Bagh Bhairav ​​Youth Club (Bagh Bhairav), Setidevi Youth Club (Setidevi Temple), Janjagaran Youth Club (Piskar), Karyakushal Youth Club (Jaljle), Sirjan Shil Youth Club (Tauthali), Raktakali Youth Club (Khagal), Chakrachhema Youth Club, Trikala Youth Club (Japsile), Adarsh ​​Youth Club (Tekanpur), Trishakti Youth Club (Bete), etc. Youth Clubs Tripura There are youth clubs in Sundari rural municipality.

Castes and Festivals

  • Caste - Brahmin, Chhetri, Thami, Newar, Tamang, Sherpa, Vishwakarma, Gurung, Gharti, Ghale, etc.
  • Festivals - Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Bhumi Puja, Maghe Sankranti, Fagu, Kushe Aunshi, Dahi Jatra, Ubhauli, Udhauli, Chaite Dashain, Christmas, Dhanya Purnima, and many other festivals are celebrated here.

Religious and Tourist Places

Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality is a very important place in terms of historical and religious tourism. Places like Tauthali, and Piskar have their own history. Kali Pokhari, Latteshwar Mahadev, Kshama Devi, Tripura Sundari Mai, Chumi Potla Gumba, Mangala Mai, Nateshwar Temple, Bhimsen Sthan Temple, etc. are the religious places here. Dangdhunge Film City, Chuli Danda, Ile Bir Bahadur Shaheed Park, etc. are other tourist places here.

Contact Address

Municipal Office - Piskar, Sindhupalchok, Bagmati, Nepal

Phone Number - 977-1-6201663, 977-1-6201662

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