Tauthali is a historical, religious, tourist place, and village in Sindhupalchok, Nepal.

About Tauthali, Sindhupalchowk

Tauthali is located in Tripurasundari Rural Municipality Ward No. 5, Sindhupalchok, Bagmati Province, Nepal. Tauthali is a historical, religious, and tourist place in the Sindhupalchok district. The original civilization, culture, language, and customs are the characteristics of Tauthali. There is a thick settlement of the Newar community here. Tauthali is located in the northeast direction at a distance of about 110 km from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. This place, which used to be the Tauthali Village Development Committee, is now under the Tripura Sundari Rural Municipality.

The eastern border of Tauthali is connected with Kharidhunga of Dolakha and the western border with Tekanpur. The northern border is connected with Piskar and the southern border is with Jethal, Petku, and Berna rivers.

 Tauthali is an excellent destination for religious and cultural tourism. Tripurasundari Mai's temple is located here, the only place where Curd Festival (Dahi Jatra) is held in Nepal, Tauthali is famous because of its natural beauty, geographical diversity, and cultural unity. It is a traditional city with a long history.

The old name of Tauthali is Hajipur. The name of this place is derived from 'Tagothali', which is a combination of "Tago" and "Thali", and has been corrupted to Tauthali. In the Newar language "Tago" means large and "Thali" means flat surface.

Central Attractions

  • Geographical attraction
  • Famous religious places Tripurasundari Mai's temple, Bhimeshwar temple, Shiva temple
  • Original Newari culture, art, lifestyle, festivals
  • Unique Curd Festival ( Dahi Jatra ), Khadga Jatra, Lingo Jatra
  • Khagal Trisul Dada, Mahabhir waterfall,
  • Kharidhunga - Tauthali Short Trekking Route (10 KM)

Things to do in Tauthali

  • Trekking
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Sightseeing