Bhotechaur is a very beautiful and picturesque tourist destination located at a very close distance from Kathmandu. It is located at a distance of about 40 km from Kathmandu. The main attraction here is the Everest Tea Garden of the Jaisi Gaun. Jaisi Gaun falls under the former Bhotechour Village Development Committee or the current Melamchi Municipality Ward 2.

Bhotechour is also known as Mini Ilam. As some of them are on high ground, from here you can see the beautiful mountains of the Himalayas including Jugal, and Langtang. Along with tea gardens, there are many types of organic firms operating in this area. Where organic trout fish, different types of vegetables, organic tea, etc. are produced.

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Bhotechour is developing as a hub for domestic tourism. The areas around Bhotechour are also popular among tourists. The main attraction here is the Everest Tea Garden of Bhotechour. Recently, various places along the Haibung-Bhotechour road in this area have also been chosen by tourists.

Especially the resorts operating in this area have developed various types of new things to bring in domestic and foreign tourists. Keeping in mind the growing number of tourists, the local government has also laid special emphasis on the development of tourism infrastructure in this area.

Why is Bhotechaur famous?

Bhotechaur is especially famous for its Everest Tea Gardens. Many tourists visit this place for picnic, educational, business tours, seminars, and overnight stay, to get rid of noise, and to refresh. Being at a close distance from the capital and the attractiveness of the gorgeous location, and the clean, beautiful and peaceful environment, many tourists have made Bhotechaur their destination. There are various organic firms, and trout fish firms in the Bhotechaur area. This place is also excellent for tasting trout fish or consuming organic produce.

Bhotechaur Everest Tea Garden - Mini-llam

As we all know, Bhotechaur is known as the Mini Ilam of Nepal. Tea cultivation started in 1920 BS in Ilam of eastern Nepal. Similarly, since when was tea cultivated in Bhotechaur? We have not received any definite information about that (we will update you after getting the information). However, tea was cultivated in Bhotechaur after Ilam. People may have called Bhotechour Mini IIlam after cultivating tea all over the hills of the Bhotechaur exactly in the shape of Ilam. Everest Tea Garden “Mini Ilam” is located in the Melamchi Municipality-2, Jaisi Gaun.

Mini Ilam – Tea garden Near Kathmandu

Things to do in Bhotechaur

  • Visiting Everest Tea Garden
  • Picnic
  • Hiking
  • Overnight party
  • Taste Organic Products

How to reach from Kathmandu?

You have to use the Sankhu road section to reach Bhotechour, which is a short distance from Kathmandu. After about 2-3 hours bus journey you can reach Bhotechour. You can reach Bhotechour by taking your private or reserved vehicle. After that, you can go hiking to Everest Tea Garden, which is 5 km away.

Route: Bauddha – Sankhu – Jaharsing Pauwa – Bhotechaur – Everest Tea Garden

Being near Haibung from Bhotechour, you can also visit there. Many types of resorts are operating in Bhotechour and Haibung areas.