Hydropower development has promoted and helped shape economic growth in many countries. Nepal is a very rich country in terms of rivers. Various small and large hydropower plants are operated in the continuously flowing rivers. The possibility of generating 83,000 megawatts of electricity in Nepal has been studied. However, in terms of technology, studies have shown that it has a capacity of 42000 megawatts. In this way, it seems that Nepal can go on the path of prosperity through hydropower.
Many hydropower plants have been built in different districts of Nepal and more are in the process of being built. Similarly, Sindhupalchok is a district of Nepal that has a large number of hydroelectric projects in operation.

Brief information about hydropower projects operating in Sindhupalchowk includes Madhya Bhotekoshi, Upper Balephi, Sunkoshi, Bhairavkunda, Upper Bhotekoshi, Upper Chaku, Hadi Khola, Baramchi, Liping Khola, and Haram.

List of hydropower projects in Sindhupalchowk

Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower Project (MBKHEP)

Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project is one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the Sindhupalchok district. Its total capacity is 102 MW. Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Company Limited is the developer of this project. And, This company is a sister company of Chilime Hydropower Company Limited.

Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalvidyut Project. Source: myrepublica.nagariknetwork

This hydropower company registered as a public company in 2010. 51% of shares of Madhyabhotekoshi hydropower have been released to the promoters and 49% shares to the general public. Among them, Chilime hydropower has a 37% share of this company. The PPA date of this hydropower is 2068-07-28 and the COD is 2074-03-01.

Upper Bhotekoshi Khola Hydroelectric Project

Bhotekoshi Power Company Private Limited built Bhotekoshi Khola Hydroelectric Project. Its total capacity is 45 MW. The promoters of BKPC are Himal International Energy Private Limited (HIEPL), Himal International Power Corp Private Limited (HIPC), Tara Fund Private Limited (Tara Fund) and Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH). Its PPD is 2053-04-06 and its COD is 2057-10-11.

Indrawati III hydropower Project

The Indrawati III hydropower project is developed by National Hydropower Company Limited. Its total capacity is 7.5 MW. This project is in operation in the Tipeni River and Indravati River. This hydropower project is operating commercially by the National Hydropower Company since 1999. Its PPA date is 2054-09-15 and its Commercial Operation Date (COD) is 2059-06-21.

Indrawati III hydropower resumes power production. Source: nepalnews

Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Plant

Sunkoshi Small hydropower is a small type of run-of-river hydro project with a 2.5 MW capacity. This is in Dhuskun of Sindhupalchowk. Samina Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. has developed this hydropower. The PPA date of this project is 2058-07-28 and the COD is 2061-12-11.

Chaku Khola hydropower project

Chaku Khola hydropower is the run-of-river hydro with a 3 MW installed capacity. This operates in Chaku Khola, Sindhupalchowk. It is developed by Alliance Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd. The PPA date of this project is 2056- 11-03 and the COD is 2062-03-01.

Baramchi Khola Hydropower project

Baramchi Khola hydro project is developed by Unique Hydel Co. Pvt. Ltd. It is also a run-of-river hydro project with a 4.2 MW energy installed capacity. It operates in Baramchi River of Sindhupalchowk. This project started to generate electricity from 2071-12-30 BS. And, it sells the electricity to NEA.

Upper Hadi Khola Hydroelectric project

The Upper Hadi Khola hydro project operates in the Hadi River in Sindhupalchowk with 0.99 MW (991 KW) installed capacity. It is the run-of-river type of hydro project developed by the Centre for Power Dev. And Services (P.) Ltd. COD is 2066-07-22.

Middle Chaku Hydropower project

 Laughing Buddha Power Nepal (P.) Ltd. is the developer of the Middle Chaku Hydroelectric project. It operates in Chaku Khola, Sindhupalchowk with a 1.8 MW energy installed capacity. COD is 2069-11-15.

Lower Chaku Hydropower

 Lower Chaku hydro power is developed by Laughing Buddha Power Nepal (P.) Ltd. The plants has 1.8 MW power generating capacity.

Bhairav Kunda hydropower project

Bhairav Kunda hydropower project operates in Sindhupalchowk with a 3 MW power generating capacity. Bhairav Kunda hydropower Pvt. Ltd. is the developer of this project. COD is 2071-02-22.

Jhyadi Khola Hydroelectric project

Jhyadi Khola hydropower is a run-of-river type of hydropower that operates in Sindhupalchowk. Its installed capacity is 2 MW. Electro-com and research centre Pvt. Ltd. has built this project. From 2073BS, It starts to generate energy and sold to NEA.

Gelun Khola hydropower project

Gelun Khola hydro is operating in Gelun River of Sindhupalchowk. It is a run-of-river project with a 3.2 MW energy installed capacity. Gelun hydropower Co. Pvt. Ltd. is the developer of this project.

Selang Khola hydropower project

Rising Hydropower company ltd. is the developer of Selang hydropower which is situated in Selang river, Sindhupalchowk. Its installed capacity is 990 KW.

Upper Balephi ‘A’ Hydropower project

Upper Balephi ‘A’ is the run-of-river hydro project that operates in Balephi river, Sindhupalchowk. It has a 36 MW energy installed capacity. Balephi Hydropower Co. ltd is the developer of this project.

Upper Chaku ‘A’ hydropower project

Upper Chaku-A in power generation preparation. Source: nepalenergyforum

 Upper Chaku ‘A’ hydro is a run-of-river project with a 22.2 MW energy installed capacity. Shiva Shree hydropower (P.) ltd. is the developer of this hydropower. This project operates in Chaku Khola, Fulpingkatti and Marming of Sindhupalchowk.

Liping Khola Hydropower project

The Liping Khola hydropower project operates in Liping River, Tatopani of Sindhupalchowk. Him River Power Pvt. Ltd. has developed this power plant. This project has a 16.26 MW energy-generating capacity.

Apart from the above, the Lower Indrawati hydropower project (4.5 MW), Balephi ‘A’ (10.6 MW), Yambling (7.27 MW), Upper Nyasem (41.4 MW), Lower Selang (1.5 MW), Balephi (23.52 MW) etc. are another name list of hydropower that operates in Sindhupalchowk.