Haibung Namuna Krishi Farm is a renowned organic farm dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices. As an organic farm, it focuses on cultivating a variety of agro products, including organic vegetables and animal husbandry. It is located in Melamchi-03, Haibung, Sindhupalchok, Nepal.

Haibung Agro Farm offers various types of agro products, seeds, and vegetables. Similarly, it also involves animal husbandry.

The farm's objective is to promote organic farming methods and provide consumers with healthy, chemical-free produce. To achieve this goal, Haibung Namuna Krishi Farm offers a wide range of seeds, vegetables, various types of grass, and other essential resources for organic farming.

By emphasizing organic farming techniques and offering a diverse selection of products, Haibung Namuna Krishi Farm contributes significantly to the promotion of sustainable agriculture in Nepal.


  • Different types of Agro products
  • Available of Agro Seeds
  • Animals Husbandry
  • And more.

Contact Details

Location: Melamchi-03, Haibung, Sindhupalchowk

Phone: 9843849134

Google Map: RF79+7G6, Haibung