Helambu Organic Coffee Firm is operating in Gyalthum, Helambu Rural Municipality, Ward No. 4, Sindhupalchok District. This firm has been cultivating organic coffee for a long time. This is also one of the places where coffee is produced in different places of Nepal.

The coffees produced by Helambu Organic Coffee Firm are exported to various places in Nepal and abroad. Since it is an organic product, the price is also high. The coffee produced in this firm is processed organically.

Also, this coffee firm has provided employment as a source of income to the people of the Melamchi and Helambu areas. This firm earns a very good income by selling coffee. This firm has been operated to produce and consume organic coffee in their own villages. In the firm, coffee plants, seeds, and coffees are available at fair prices. The coffee produced here is also sold in nearby hotels and restaurants.


  • Organic Coffee
  • Coffee Plants
  • Coffee Seeds


Contact Address

Location: Helambu -04,Gyalthum, Sindhupalchowk, Bagmati, Nepal

Phone: 984-9047431

Email: Coffeeofhelambunepal@gmail.com

Location Code: VGJR+PJ6

Postal Code: 45311